Why It’s Often Worth It To Get A Medical Marijuana Card (Even When Recreational Marijuana Is Legal In Your State)

25 February 2021
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If you live in a state where both recreational and medical marijuana are legal, you might not see much point in going through the hassle of getting a medical marijuana card, even if you feel that you qualify for one. After all, it might just not seem like it's necessary when you can legally and easily purchase marijuana without one. However, it's often still worth it to get a medical marijuana prescription card — if you do happen to qualify for one — for the reasons below and more. Read More 

“Do Veneers Look Like Horse Teeth?” And Other Myth-Induced Questions About Veneers

15 January 2021
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Across the planet, cosmetic dentists utilize a wide variety of treatments and procedures to give people a smile they have always wanted. Perhaps one of the most popular methods of delivering a new smile is with the addition of dental veneers. Dental veneers are one of the original forms of cosmetic dentistry, and over the years, this treatment has grown to be very popular. Obviously, a lot of people will call on a dentist about veneers, but many have odd questions due to myths they may have heard along the way. Read More