Tips For Reducing Nighttime Braces Pain

10 September 2018
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If your child has recently been fitted for braces, then they probably complain that they are unable to sleep at night, especially after an appointment with their children's orthodontist that involves tightening. Thankfully, there are some ways that your child can sleep more soundly, even when they are struggling with braces and soreness. Purchase A Soft Pillow If your child likes to sleep on their side, then their pillow may be pressing hard against the face. Read More 

Understanding Why Orthodontic Movements Are Slow

16 August 2018
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If you have decided to have your teeth straightened, then you may be interested in the use of traditional metal braces. If so, you should know that you need to be patient while the teeth are moved slowly. It may be hard to understand why this is best for your overall appearance and oral health. If you are interested in why the teeth are moved slowly and what can happen if they are moved too quickly, keep reading. Read More 

What To Do When You Need Emergency Dental Care

21 July 2018
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Dealing with a toothache is truly something that can take you off of your game. The throbbing pain in your jaw makes it hard for you to focus on anything else, especially if you have to work or do something that requires a lot of focus. You know it's time to see a dentist, but when funds are low it might seem that you don't have many options. Read further so you'll know what alternatives you have when you need a dental clinic on a budget. Read More 

Three Ways Biting Your Nails Destroys Your Teeth

21 June 2018
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Everyone knows that biting your nails is a bad habit to have, particularly because of the problems it can create for your teeth. However, it might surprise you to learn just how many problems you can experience simply by biting your nails on a regular basis; serious damage, misalignment, and even disease or tooth loss can occur. If you haven't been convinced to give up the habit yet, keep reading to discover what you're doing to your teeth every time you bite your nails. Read More 

Considering Veneers? Know All The Ways They Can Be Modified For A Perfect Smile

22 May 2018
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Are you looking to fix some glaring cosmetic problems with your teeth? If so, dental veneers may be the best option for you. As long as the teeth are still healthy, you can use dental veneers to essentially cover up any imperfections with your teeth so they look flawless to others. Here are some ways you can modify veneers to create that perfect smile you desire. Length Teeth length is one factor that can make a surprising difference in how your smile looks. Read More