3 Key Roles Of A Family Dentist In Promoting Oral Health

23 September 2021
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When was the last time you visited the dentist as a family? Dental visits should be on your to-do list at least twice a year. They are especially important for a family with children because their dental structures are still developing and need constant monitoring. A family dentist plays a crucial role in promoting good oral health for the whole family. Besides the children, the dentist can also inspect and identify developing problems in adults and spot early signs of oral cancer. Therefore, there are several key roles of a dentist in promoting oral health:

Diagnosing and Treating Oral Problems 

One of the primary roles of a dentist is diagnosing dental problems, including tooth decay, cavities, gum swelling, inflammation, and receding gums. They can also identify signs of more serious problems, like oral cancers. 

Family dental care can treat most of these problems in a few visits. For most people, the immediate concern is pain relief from infection and inflammation. A dentist prescribes pain relief and anti-inflammation medicine. They can then opt for other solutions, including tooth extraction. For more serious problems like oral cancer, the family dentist may refer a patient to a specialist and collaborate in finding a solution. 

Performing Cosmetic Dental Procedures 

Sometimes the dental structure does not develop as one would expect. Dental structure development problems include crooked teeth, missing teeth, overcrowded teeth, and bite problems. While these problems are not painful, they impact self-confidence, especially in children and teenagers.

A family dentist can perform cosmetic procedures to correct these problems. These cosmetic procedures include braces, dental crowns, bridges, and implants. For example, braces are common for correcting crooked teeth and bite problems for children. Adults and seniors will be more likely looking to replace missing teeth with implants and bridges. For more serious development problems, the family dentist may recommend jaw surgery. 

Oral Health Education

Oral practices like brushing seem second nature, but you could be doing them wrong and teaching this wrong way to your children. A family dentist plays a crucial oral education role in showing your family how to brush their teeth and floss properly. They also teach the role of nutrition and hydration habits in oral care. 

A dentist's education can be especially helpful to your children. They will carry these proper oral habits as lifelong lessons. Regular dental visits will also make your children more comfortable in having dental inspections and procedures. 

Are you concerned about your family's oral health? Book an appointment with a family dentist for inspection, diagnosis and treatment of any dental problems.