Signs You Need Dental Implants

16 August 2021
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Dental implants are quite popular in the United States, but this doesn't necessarily mean that they are the go-to remedy for any teeth-related problems. Implants have over a 95% success rate, especially when placed by skilled dentists. Implants are an effective way to restore your smile. Here are a few signs you need dental implants.

Chipped, Broken, or Missing Teeth 

If you have chipped or missing teeth, you know it is the first thing anyone notices when you smile. It gets annoying when almost everyone you interact with asks about your chipped or missing tooth. 

You can avoid these annoying questions by seeking dental implants. If you have a chipped or broken tooth, be sure to ask your dentist for other remedies. In most cases, chipped teeth can be restored unless they are severely chipped. 

The best remedy for severely chipped teeth is dental implants. For this procedure to work, the dentist will need to remove your chipped tooth and replace it with a natural-looking tooth made of titanium and ceramic materials. 


Do you feel insecure about your smile? Do you try to hide your smile every time you are with friends and family? Dental implants can help restore your confidence by fixing problematic teeth. 

Infected Teeth 

Typically, if you have an infected tooth, the dentist will recommend restorative procedures. However, if the infection is so severe that even restorative procedures won't help, you will need to have the tooth extracted. 

Extracting the tooth will prevent the infection from spreading to the rest of your teeth. While this will save your teeth, it also leaves a gaping hole in your mouth. The easiest fix to this is a dental implant to replace the lost tooth. 

Your tooth will look and function just like the removed tooth. Once you have had the implants placed, you will need to care for them the same you care for your natural teeth. 

Removable Dentures 

Although removable dentures serve the purpose of placeholders for your missing teeth, they are still temporary. Some people get accustomed to them, but most find them irritating, especially when eating and speaking. 

There have been cases of dentures flying out of people's mouths as they enjoy active lifestyles such as paragliding, skydiving, and many more! You can avoid such embarrassments by replacing missing teeth with dental implants. 

If you are ready for more permanent solutions and tired of the struggles of dentures, ask your cosmetic dentist about dental implants.