Are Your Crooked Teeth Holding You From Pursuing Your Teaching Career? 3 Treatment Options To Solve Your Problem

2 February 2023
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What's wrong with a teacher having crooked teeth? Like most teachers, you probably feel that your appearance has nothing to do with your career. But the truth is that students, parents, and colleagues might have different opinions. That's why if you have crooked teeth, you should consider rectifying this dental problem to enhance your experience and grow your career. Here are three procedures that a licensed dentist can use to help fix your teeth.

1. Contouring

Most people assume that all dental treatments and procedures are lengthy and painful, but that is not the case. For instance, dental contouring is a fast and painless procedure for correcting minor misalignment in the teeth' form, length, and surface. In addition, this treatment option is convenient since it only requires one appointment. Unlike most dental treatments that require dentists to access the jaw, where there are blood vessels and nerves, contouring is a reshaping process that only involves the tooth's enamel. That means the procedure is painless, so you will not need any anesthesia or pain medications during or after the process.

2. Braces

No adult wants other people to know they are undergoing dental treatment. That is why most people are not open to wearing braces. However, you should know that oral treatment technology has advanced, and these days there are invisible braces (Invisalign) that dentists can tailor to fit your teeth. When you wear them, they will move your teeth into the right position over time. Unlike traditional braces, this procedure might not require an x-ray. Instead, the professional will use 3-D scanning technology to design Invisalign that meets your needs. Additionally, they are invisible, and no one will notice you wearing them.

3. Veneers

Another treatment option the dentist can use to help fix misaligned teeth is veneers. This treatment method is suitable for teachers and those in similar careers since it involves placing custom-fit, ultra-thin shells over the top of your natural teeth. The cover will hide flaws in your teeth and enhance the overall appearance. Additionally, veneers are durable and safe to use.

Crooked teeth can make you shy away from numerous opportunities in life. For example, most people with this condition are self-conscious about speaking in front of people or a crowd. But do not let such tooth problems be the reason you do not venture into teaching. Instead, hire a general or cosmetic dentist to help fix your smile using one of the methods discussed above.  

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