Dental Implants: How Will They Feel?

7 July 2022
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By now, almost everyone has heard about dental implants and wondered if they could be right for them. If you are missing a tooth or two, this method of replacing teeth has many successful years of happy dental patients to vouch for it. Some patients are curious about how dental implants feel. They might be concerned about both the pain of the process and the way the implant will feel afterward. To find out what many patients have experienced, read on.

Bridges and Dentures

Up until recently, the only way to deal with missing teeth was to use either a bridge or a denture. Bridges may be unsightly if they are located near the front of the mouth, and they require more care when cleaning. Dentures must be removed for cleaning and require repeated trips back to the dentist for adjustments and relining.

Implants, once in place, can be treated just like your other teeth. They stay in place, can be brushed and dental floss can be used for cleaning them. They are as hard, if not harder, than your natural teeth. They have become ever more popular with each passing year and are the chosen way to address missing teeth.

Pain and the Implant Procedure

All dental procedures can require some level of anesthesia. What to use is a personal choice that should be discussed with your dentist. In many cases, those receiving a single implant can be numbed with an injection, just as if you were having a tooth filled. The implant is placed via a tiny incision in the gum and the post is implanted into the jawbone. This bone has no nerve endings, so you won't feel the post being implanted. It is possible to feel pressure, vibrations, and maybe tingling, however, you should not experience any pain at all during the procedure.

After the Implant Procedure

In some cases, you will want to take some over-the-counter medication if you experience any discomfort after the numbing medication wears off. Many patients, however, are surprised to discover that they don't need any medication at all. If you are noticing pain, call your dentist. You can be checked out to ensure that everything is okay and perhaps prescribed medication to help you with any discomfort.

As You Adjust

Implant patients very seldom have issues with their implanted teeth once they are healed. They are likely to feel just like your natural teeth in every way. Your dentist will probably ask you to adhere to some eating and drinking rules to avoid putting too much pressure on your implants while they are still in the healing process.

Speak to your dentist to find out more about pain and discomfort issues with implants.