Want A Brighter Smile? Here Are 3 Smile Makeover Treatments Your Dentist Will Use

25 May 2021
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A smile makeover entails combining different dental care treatments to help improve your smile's appearance and general dental health. There are many reasons why most people seek cosmetic makeovers, with the top concerns being yellowing teeth, misalignments, and chipped teeth. That said, you need to know that some smile makeover treatment options can be complex, while others are straightforward.

While you may not know where to start, take your time to explore the available options before seeking treatment. Here are a few treatment options that a dentist can use to help you attain a brighter smile.

1. Use porcelain veneers to revamp your smile 

Veneers are an excellent option if you have severely stained, chipped, gapped, or cracked teeth. These thin and tooth-hued shells are designed to ensure that you have teeth of the same thickness and length. When undergoing this smile makeover treatment, your dentist may remove some enamel or roughen the surface of your teeth. Your dentist will also prescribe pain medication to help manage any temporary discomfort following the procedure.

2. Use dental implants or bridges to restore missing teeth

Missing one or more teeth doesn't just put you at risk of tooth decay, but it can also significantly harm your smile. Bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants are excellent options if you're looking to replace lost teeth. Your dentist will examine your oral health to determine the most suitable option for replacing your missing teeth.

Your dentist may recommend dental implants because they can last a lifetime. However, dental bridges are also a great choice if you have lost multiple teeth. They may not last as long as dental implants, but they look realistic and are durable with proper care. 

3. Teeth whitening to remove stains

Teeth whitening remains a popular smile makeover treatment option for removing stains that result from prolonged consumption of certain beverages like coffee and tea. Some types of medication can also darken the tooth enamel, making it appear dull. Scheduling a teeth whitening procedure with your dentist will help remove discoloration and brighten your smile. During your initial consultation, your dentist will help you select your ideal shade of white for the best result.

The above smile makeover treatments can brighten your smile, improve your oral health, and boost your self-esteem. Therefore, regardless of the smile makeover treatment option you choose, you should consult an experienced dentist to create a treatment plan that will provide you with the most suitable outcome. Speak with a local dentist to learn more.