Can You Have A Dental Implant Placed Immediately After Tooth Extraction?

2 December 2020
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A dental implant is the best possible tooth replacement option for a lost or extracted tooth. But if you are about to have a tooth extracted, you're probably wondering just how long you have to wait before you can have your dental implant placed. The waiting time depends on several factors.

You Could Have a Dental Implant Placed the Same Day

If your extraction is a simple one, with no other complications, then you can opt to have a dental implant placed immediately after your tooth extraction. This kind of dental implant placement is known as an immediate dental implant. If there is no infection at the site and the extraction was a simple one, then you can have a dental implant placed immediately after extraction.

Immediate dental implants are a good option if you need to look your best for an upcoming social event like a wedding, as your implant should heal within six months.

You May Need to Wait for the Extraction Site to Heal

When an infection is present at the extraction site, your dentist will advise you to wait for the site to heal before they place a dental implant. During this time, you will likely undergo a course of antibiotics to kill the infection. Once the infection is gone, you'll then need to wait for the gum and bone tissue to heal fully before you place a dental implant into the site.

And if your extraction required surgery to remove a tooth, then you'll need to wait for the gum and bone tissue to heal before dental implant surgery can take place. Most prosthodontists recommend that you wait at least ten weeks for an extraction site to heal in both these cases.

You Might Need to Wait for a Bone Graft to Heal First

When an infection has damaged the jawbone surrounding a tooth, there might not be enough bone mass for the dental implant. The same applies if extensive surgery was needed to remove a tooth or a tooth root. If there is insufficient bone for a dental implant, then you'll first need a bone graft before you can have a dental implant at the site of extraction.

Your dentist can place a bone graft immediately after extraction, but you'll need to wait three to four months for the bone graft to heal before you can have a dental implant placed at the site.

Immediate dental implants are the fastest option available when it comes to tooth replacement. Speak to your dentist to find out if you qualify for immediate dental implants.