Signs Your Child May Need Braces

17 December 2019
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Your child may eventually need braces, and they may not need them for a while down the road, but it would be nice to know early enough if your child needs them so you can be prepared financially and have your child prepared for them as well. There are a few signs that can tell you ahead of time if your child is going to need braces, but the best way to tell is when your dentist recommends them. Read on for a few other signs that can tell you if your child is going to need braces.

Your Child's Adult Teeth Aren't Coming In

If your child's adult teeth aren't coming in after they've been missing for a while, it may be because of overcrowding. If your child's teeth are overcrowded, it is going to cause a problem. Overcrowding can lead to your child's teeth coming in crooked, or never being able to come in at all. The teeth still in the gums may begin to rot, which can require them to be pulled. Braces can correct the overcrowding, although some teeth may still need to be pulled out if there just isn't enough room in the mouth for them.

Your Child Sucks Their Thumb

If your child is sucking their thumbs, it can lead to crooked or protruding teeth, especially the front teeth. It can also cause their teeth to be pushed in towards the mouth as well, which can lead to biting of the roof of the mouth. If your child is a thumb sucker, there's a good chance he is going to need braces. Stopping this bad habit is necessary for preventing any further problems with their teeth. Talk to your child's dentist about ways to stop this habit.

Your Child's Teeth Are Crooked

If your child's teeth are beginning to come in crooked or they are stacked on top of one another or overlapping, it's a sure sign that braces are going to be needed. Braces are not exactly a necessity, but it can prevent self-consciousness later down the road for your child. Crooked teeth can also be hereditary, so if you or the child's other parent had crooked teeth, there's a good chance that your child is going to have the same problems and will also need braces.

Even if your child is young, there are signs that can tell you that your child is going to need braces. Talk to your dentistry professional about your child's teeth and if your child is going to need braces. You can also talk to your dentist about what orthodontist they may recommend for the future.