Tips For Reducing Nighttime Braces Pain

10 September 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If your child has recently been fitted for braces, then they probably complain that they are unable to sleep at night, especially after an appointment with their children's orthodontist that involves tightening. Thankfully, there are some ways that your child can sleep more soundly, even when they are struggling with braces and soreness.

Purchase A Soft Pillow

If your child likes to sleep on their side, then their pillow may be pressing hard against the face. This can cause discomfort as the pressure forces the metal braces into the soft tissues of the cheeks. To keep this issue from developing, make sure to purchase a soft pillow for your child. The best option is a pillow made with memory foam, but make sure that foam is not labeled as a firm variety. Also, instead of looking for solid foam options, consider purchasing a shredded foam pillow instead as these are softer.

Microbead pillows are an option as well, and while they may not be as soft as foam pillows, they are a bit more malleable. This means your child can move and position the pillow so it places little to no pressure on the face where the braces are located.

Cotton pillows are a good choice as well, but you will need to make sure that you pick the firmness carefully. A less firm option will be more soft than a firm one—this goes for wool varieties as well. However, make sure not to pick a fiberfill pillow, since these ones will offer very little softness once they start to flatten out from use.

Offer Plenty Of Fluids

Pain at night is sometimes associated with a dry mouth. Basically, when the mouth is dry, it offers very little lubrication. The braces are then more likely to stick to the soft tissues of the mouth, and they will cut the tissues as they rub over them. Keeping the mouth moist can reduce some of the friction issues, so make sure that your child drinks plenty of fluids in the evening and has a full glass of water next to the bed for night drinking. 

Also, if you child snores, then they likely breathe through the mouth when they sleep. This can greatly add to the dry conditions. So, consider purchasing your child a nose strip that gently opens up the nasal passages so it is easier for your son or daughter to breathe through the nose when sleeping. Using multiple pillows to prop the head slightly can reduce mouth breathing issues as well.