Dental Issues That Should Send You Running For The Phone

24 January 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


It is important to make sure that you are extremely aware of the dental problems that require you to make an appointment with your dentist before things get much worse. The sooner you make that call, the less likely it is that you are going to find yourself in a dangerous situation. After all, some dental problems can lead to blood poisoning so you will want to stay alert. Here are some of those signs that should cause you to run for the phone:

Your Tooth Feels Like It Is Throbbing

Even if you cannot actually see it throbbing when you look in the mirror, if it is throbbing so much that it feels like the tooth is about to fall out of your mouth, it is time to see the a professional in the field of general dentistry. Actually, you might want to go ahead and make that appointment even if the tooth is only throbbing a little or only every so often, especially if you have a history of dental issues escalating quickly.

Pus Is Becoming Visible

The formation of pus in dentistry is usually something that is beneath the surface and not usually seen. However, when the infection starts to get really bad, some of the pus can be pushed towards the surface of your gums and appear to be something like an oral pimple. This is not a standard pimple. It is an infection and there is a lot more of it than you can see. Therefore, even if you are able to clean out all that you can see, there is still an infection beneath the surface that is brewing and spreading. You will need to see a dentist who can give you a prescription for antibiotics and then discuss what the best treatment plan would be for you.

You See Blood Whenever You Brush Your Teeth

Even if it is just a little bit of blood, it is not something that should appear in your mouth or on your toothbrush. If it does, then it is a sign that you could have one of many dental issues, such as gingivitis. The longer this problem goes without treatment, the worse it can become and it can lead to things such as the loss of teeth. You would then have to start looking into the options for false teeth. 

If any of those issues ever present themselves, or you come across another dental issue that you are worried about, you will want to call and schedule an appointment with a dentist, like Mainwaring John D DDS, as soon as you can.