Are Temporary Implants A Good Solution?

7 September 2017
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Like the name implies, temporary dental implants are a temporary solution.  People choose temporary dental implants because they are a more budget friendly option than permanent implants.  This list of the pros and cons of common temporary dental implants will help you decide whether you're ready to take on a permanent solution to your dental problems.

Removable Partial Denture

As opposed to full dentures, this is a smaller denture that only covers a few missing teeth.  Although it is the most budget friendly option, it has its downsides.  The removable denture must be held tight with metal clasps which are often visible when smiling and speaking.  Because the denture, unlike dental implants, isn't fused to anything, it can shift while eating or talking.  Not only is this unsanitary and embarrassing, but it can lead to sores in your mouth.  At night you'll have to remove your partial denture and soak it in a solution, so you cannot wear your dentures at all times.  


A bridge is a good option only if you are replacing one or two teeth.  With a bridge, your dentist will file down the teeth next to the missing tooth and connect them together.  This can certainly patch your hole and it's a more permanent option than dentures.  However, your bridge can break over time with the bending of your jaw and you must be meticulous to clean beneath it.


Also known as a temporary denture, a flipper is a removable denture placed to cover just a few teeth.  Flippers are the least functional option.  They are mostly used for esthetic purposes, so don't expect to be able to chew your food with a flipper.  Because it is attached only to your gums, it can lead to sensitivity and soreness.  When you first get your flipper, you'll have a breaking in period, similar to if you were breaking in a new pair of shoes.  Flippers also lead to an increase in plaque protection, so you'll have to amp up your oral hygiene regimen.  

Temporary tooth replacement services are critical for proper emergency dental services. If you want a permanent solution to your missing teeth problem, you should considering looking into dental implants.  With dental implants you can chew food, talk, laugh, and sleep without having to worry about an embarrassing mishap.  Although surgery may sound like a scary option, dental surgery is much less intense.  With the proper recovery plan, you'll be smiling in no time.