Reasons For Getting Full Mouth Restoration Surgery

17 May 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If your teeth are in really bad shape, you may be considering full mouth restoration surgery as a way to fix it. This idea can sound very scary initially, but there are many benefits that can come form having the surgery done. Here are some reasons to move forward with your decision to get full mouth restoration surgery.

Your Neck and Head Will Feel More Comfortable

People that have many problems with their mouth can experience symptoms that include headaches, jaw licking, and subpar oral health. Having full mouth restoration surgery done is the best way to give yourself relief in areas that are causing you discomfort. The physical aliments you are experiencing may actually be connected to your oral health, and your dentist can help diagnose if this is the problem. With the proper diagnosis, you can move forward with full mouth restoration surgery and know it is the solution you've been looking for.

Your Teeth Will No Longer Be Decayed

Are your oral health problems causing your teeth to be in a bad state of decay? If so, full mouth restoration surgery can help get rid of the decay once and for all. You'll be able to remove those teeth that are decayed and replace them with dental implants, and correct the position of teeth that are difficult to clean due to how they impact with another tooth. Removing the decayed and problematic teeth will prevent you from dealing with future embarrassment, pain, and frustration that will result from having decayed teeth.

Your Self Esteem Will Improve

You may also be suffering from self-esteem issues due to your teeth, which are in addition to the physical ailments you are experiencing. It will cause you to try to hide your teeth when around others, avoid smiling, and find ways to hide your teeth when interacting with others. The impact this can make on your self-esteem is huge, since you're always thinking about the appearance of your teeth and what others think. Full mouth restoration surgery can help you get back to smiling with confidence like you did in the past.

Your General Health Will Improve

By solving your oral health problems with full mouth restoration surgery, you'll start seeing benefits in other areas of your body. Reducing bacteria in your mouth can help lower the risk of having heart disease, dementia, and respiratory infections.

For more information on full mouth restoration surgery, speak with your dentist.