Eight Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Your Annual Dental Exam

23 November 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If you get anxious or nervous about dental appointments, don't suffer in silence. There are many ways that you can be made more comfortable and less-stressed during your dental check-ups and examinations, so be sure to let your provider know of your discomfort and anxiety.

Here are eight ways to reduce the stress during your appointment:

1. Arrive early. Hurrying or running behind can wreak havoc on your nerves and drive up your blood pressure. Slow down, arrive for your appointment early, and relax. You will feel more serene during the exam if you arrive a bit early and are less harried getting there.

2. Bring some music. Bring along your MP3 player or device to listen to soothing music during the exam. Many dental providers have music piped-in to their office spaces, and could adjust the type of tunes per patient preference. To be sure you have what you need to chill-out, bring your own music along.

3. Wear an aromatherapy pendant. Invest in an inexpensive aromatherapy pendant to wear during exams or appointments. These typically contain a pad or sponge that you saturate with your favorite essential oil or fragrance. Some suggestions for reducing stress include vanilla, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils.

4. Opt for pain-free dentistry. Talk to the provider about the pain-free dentistry options, such as laughing gas, to make you feel less stressed and comfy. Don't be afraid to disclose your discomfort to the provider so that they can help provide you with what you need.

5. Leave kids home. Feel less stressed by leaving kids at home during appointments whenever possible. Schedule during times that kids are in school.

6. Bring a buddy. Don't go it alone: bring a buddy. Ask a friend or family member who you feel comfortable with to accompany you. Treat your buddy to a meal or beverage afterward.

7. Pay attention to oral hygiene. If you focus on good oral habits, visits are likely to be shorter and less uncomfortable in general. Brush after any snack or drink, floss daily, and avoid situations that could cause tooth trauma, such as using your teeth to open packages.

8. Go more frequently. Desensitize yourself to the dentist by going twice a year instead of once. Many dental providers recommend cleanings every six months.

Lots of people get nervous about going to the dentist; however, there are some ways that a dentist like Apollo Dental Center can make you more comfortable during your visit. Consider these eight tactics to reduce your anxiety about going to the dentist, and talk with providers about additional options that could improve your experience and decrease stress.