How An Orthodontist Can Use An Anchor With Braces To Fill In Missing Upper Teeth

28 September 2016
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When a child is missing a molar tooth on each side of his or her upper jaw, an orthodontist might be able to close these gaps by using a combination of braces and an anchoring system. Braces are great for adjusting the location of teeth; however, they can't always fill in large gaps on their own. With the assistance of an anchor system, an orthodontist can often achieve the desired results.

How moving teeth changes the child's bite

One concern orthodontists have when using braces is how the movement of the teeth will affect the child's bite. A normal bite occurs when the upper teeth rest just in front of the lower teeth when the mouth is closed. Any time braces are used, the person's bite can change. Because of this, an orthodontist must be very cautious with the way he or she places and adjusts the braces on a child's teeth.

The reason this is important is because the orthodontist will need to find a way to fill in the gaps where the teeth are missing without causing the child's bite to be off.

What an anchor system is

The anchor system involves placing a dental implant in the child's jawbone near the front teeth. This is then attached to the teeth behind the gap and it is designed to pull the teeth towards the gap so that it closes. The way it is set up will depend on the child's current bite situation. Once the teeth have shifted enough, the anchor is removed from the child's mouth.

How an anchor system can help

An anchor system can be used with any type of bite, but the orthodontist must set it up according to the child's current bite and the goals for the child's future bite. When a child has a major overbite, the orthodontist will set it up so that it pulls the front teeth back as a way of filling in the gaps. If the child's bite is normal, the anchor is set up to pull the back teeth forward to close the gaps.

Braces can also help close gaps and align teeth, but your orthodontist might believe that he or she can accomplish the most effective results by combining these things together. If you would like to find out whether or not your child could benefit from braces, contact an orthodontist in your city today to set up an appointment, or check out websites like