How Can You Have Permanent Fangs Implanted?

21 August 2015
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You may have always been attracted to the vampire lifestyle, or just desire a unique look. While costume type fangs can often appear very realistic, you may long for the permanence of real fangs.

Fangs can be implanted using the same methods as regular dental implants, if you can find an oral surgeon who is willing to perform the procedure.

How can your mouth accommodate fang implants?

Measurements must first be taken of your mouth to determine the appropriate shape and length of your fang implants. The base size must conform to the incisor teeth that will be removed and replaced with your new fang implants.

The length and shape of the fangs will also need to be considered.. You will need to be able to open and close your mouth without the fangs rubbing or piercing your gums or lips, so you must be realistic about the length of your fangs.

The specifications are then sent to a dental lab, where a technician will create the new fangs.

How are dental implants performed?

After measurements are taken for the fang-shaped crowns, an appointment is made to extract the existing teeth. Crowns is the term for artificial teeth that are made to specification to replace missing teeth.

These extractions must be performed up to several weeks before the implants can be done, because swelling and bleeding can occur after extractions. After healing is complete ,the implant procedures can be scheduled.

An appointment will then be scheduled to have titanium posts implanted into the jawbone in the space where the fangs will be placed. The posts will be invisible inside the jawbone. They are made from titanium because it is light yet strong, and your jawbone will fuse with the posts over time, strengthening the jawbone.

Abutments, which are protrusions to which the new fangs will be attached, will be connected to the posts inside the jawbone, either when the posts are placed or shortly after when swelling has decreased.

After a few months have passed, and the jawbone has fused to the posts, the fangs can be attached to the abutments. They will first be attached temporarily to be sure that they fit properly and that the mouth can open and close easily.

The fangs will then be screwed or cemented into place onto the abutments,only to be removed by a dental professional.

How can you find an oral surgeon to perform this procedure?

You may check online forums that cater to a vampire lifestyle, or those that explore body modification. Each of these resources may have information about an oral surgeon that performs these procedures.

Unfortunately, these providers may be in another state, or even another country. If you are looking for a local oral surgeon who would be willing to implant your fangs, check out online directories for oral surgeons. You can find qualified oral surgeons in your state or city, and simply contact each office until you find the closest oral surgeon that is willing to stretch themselves professionally and artistically.

Of course, this kind of voluntary procedure is not covered by insurance, and it will be expensive, but you will have permanent fangs.