Meth Mouth: The Signs Of Addiction

20 July 2015
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Most drug addictions leave unhealthy signs inside your body. You can damage your heart, lungs, brain, and liver, and although that damage can be devastating, it isn't visible to the world at large. Addiction to methamphetamine is different, often leaving you with horribly damaged teeth that signal your past struggles to the everyone. Fortunately, advanced dental technologies can restore your mouth and your confidence. 


The damage from "meth mouth" includes black, rotting teeth that are impossible to hide. Experts believe that this extensive decay comes from a combination of the extremely toxic drug, dry mouth caused by the drug, and long periods of poor oral hygiene due to the extended meth high. Also, addicts tend to grind their teeth, which leads to cracking. Add to these factors a meth addict's poor diet that is high in sugar and the result is a decayed mouth that can cause health and self-esteem problems. You may also develop more serious oral conditions like ANUG, acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, a serious affliction that can cause gum tissue death and potentially spread to the rest of the body. 


Dentists may not be able to save all of your teeth, but they have many methods at their disposal to erase the look of meth mouth and help you regain a normal appearance and oral health. Dentists may order antibiotics for the minor gum infections, but more serious ones might require surgery to remove dead tissue. Rinses that help curb the dry mouth that leads to the production of harmful bacteria will help as will a diet low in sugar and a good oral hygiene regimen.

For those with the most serious damage, total tooth extraction may be necessary. Fortunately, advanced dental methods such as permanent tooth implants can give you relief from physical symptoms along with a beautiful new smile. The process involves putting a small artificial tooth root into your jaw. This device will meld with your bone and make an anchor for the artificial tooth. You will get a naturally looking set of teeth that function like natural teeth.

If you or a loved one is recovering from meth addiction, consult with a doctor about treatment for your damaged teeth. Ignoring an advanced dental condition may result in serious medical issues. Also, a mouth that marks you as a former addict makes it hard to start life anew, so get a new smile and begin your new life.  For more information about dental implants, contact a professional like Tijeras Dental Service.