3 Benefits Of Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

30 October 2017
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Having even one missing tooth can be embarrassing or make it hard to talk, but there are tooth replacement options available. The best method for replacing missing teeth are dental implants, which can be used to replace one or more or even all of your teeth. If you aren't sure about dental implants, check out these three benefits and whey they are better than dental bridges and dentures. They Mimic Real Teeth Best Read More 

Bone Grafts For Dental Implants

4 October 2017
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A dental implant restoration looks and feels natural. It is often the preferred method to restore a lost tooth. In addition, it can be used to support multi-teeth applications, such as dentures and all-on fours. Still, there must be sufficient jawbone available to accommodate the implant.   Dental implants are positioned in the bone of the jaw. There, they heal into place, stabilizing sufficiently to handle the bite force of normal mastication.   If the density of the jawbone cannot support the installation of an implant, a bone graft may be suggested. Read More 

Are Temporary Implants A Good Solution?

7 September 2017
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Like the name implies, temporary dental implants are a temporary solution.  People choose temporary dental implants because they are a more budget friendly option than permanent implants.  This list of the pros and cons of common temporary dental implants will help you decide whether you're ready to take on a permanent solution to your dental problems. Removable Partial Denture As opposed to full dentures, this is a smaller denture that only covers a few missing teeth. Read More 

Dental Issues For Seniors

18 August 2017
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Aging can affect nearly every aspect of your health, and no matter how healthy your mouth may have been in the past you may now begin to notice an increase in certain problems. Just as the way you can control many negative effects of aging though diet, exercise and seeing your doctor, you can also make some positive moves to control your dental health status. Many seniors are often affected by the below four issues, so read on to learn more about dealing with those issues. Read More 

What Are Some Reasons That a Cosmetic Dentist Might Recommend Dental Crowns?

27 July 2017
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Dental crowns are an ideal cosmetic dentistry option that can be used to fix a variety of issues. Perhaps you are wondering if you have an issue that can be helped by a dental crown. Many people do, but they may assume that they do not have many options to correct issues with their teeth. The following points will help you to understand a few common issues that dental crowns can correct. Read More