Periodontal Disease: Why You Should Never Ignore Bleeding Gums

28 February 2017
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Do your gums seem to become irritated easily? Perhaps they occasionally bleed when you brush your teeth, when you floss, or even when you eat certain foods (like corn on the cob). While it may be tempting to write this off as no big deal, the truth is that bleeding gums are a common early sign of periodontal disease, an advanced form of gum disease that can lead to tooth loss if not treated. Read More 

Three Tips to Help Keep Your Child’s Gums Healthy

3 February 2017
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There's a lot of focus placed on keeping kids' teeth healthy. But there's another aspect of oral healthcare that deserves some attention -- gum health. Many children end up with gum disease, and while it may initially seem like a minor annoyance, it can progress to the point of causing loose teeth and permanent gum damage if left unaddressed. To ensure your child's gums stay healthy, follow these tips. Make flossing easier for them. Read More 

Nervous About Public Speaking? 3 Ways To Dazzle Them With Your Smile

12 January 2017
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Public speaking is all about confidence, yet it is impossible to put your best face forward when you are unhappy with your smile. Your teeth play a huge role in the first impression you make from the moment you step in front of the audience. While even professional speakers get a little nervous before an event, you can prepare for your next speech by using these three strategies to dazzle your listeners with a beautiful smile. Read More 

2 Tips to Help Your Teen Overcome Tooth Sensitivity After Getting Porcelain Veneers

6 January 2017
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If your teen has struggled with crooked or chipped teeth for a long period of time, then veneers are often recommended to solve these issues. Your teen's dentist may even recommend porcelain veneers because they match traditional teeth and hold up to an extended amount of wear and tear. Once the veneer installation process is complete, your teen may experience some sensitivity. This happens because part of your child's enamel is usually removed in order to create a surface for the veneer. Read More 

What Are Dental Implants?

29 December 2016
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If you are going to be having a tooth extracted then you have more than likely been hearing a lot of talk about dental implants as a replacement option for that tooth. If you aren't yet familiar with exactly what a dental implant is, then you should learn this so you can come to a conclusion on whether or not you are even interested in having a dental implant put in. Read More