Smile Correction Devices: The Good, The Bad And The Amazing

How Can You Have Permanent Fangs Implanted?

You may have always been attracted to the vampire lifestyle, or just desire a unique look. While costume type fangs can often appear very realistic, you may long for the permanence of real fangs. Fangs can be implanted using the same methods as regular dental implants, if you can find an oral surgeon who is […]

Why Does It Look Like That? Four Reasons For Your Black, Hairy Tongue

A healthy tongue should have tiny, pinkish bumps on the surface. These bumps are called papillae. Papillae grows just like your hair does, but usually breaks off when it reaches a certain length. Sometimes, however, the papillae can continue to lengthen and start to look like tiny hairs instead of bumps. The extra length can […]

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Meth Mouth: The Signs Of Addiction

Most drug addictions leave unhealthy signs inside your body. You can damage your heart, lungs, brain, and liver, and although that damage can be devastating, it isn’t visible to the world at large. Addiction to methamphetamine is different, often leaving you with horribly damaged teeth that signal your past struggles to the everyone. Fortunately, advanced dental […]

4 Common Pediatric Dental Procedures

As your child’s teeth develop, his or her dental care will become increasingly important. Most children are ready for their first dental appointment as soon as their teeth present. Here are four dental procedures that are common for pediatric dental patients: X-rays Due to the rapid growth of your child’s teeth, he or she may […]

Dental Veneers: An Overview Of The Entire Process

Recent years have seen a spate of exciting new dental procedures–so many, in fact, that it has become hard to keep abreast of them all. Dental veneers, despite being widely used, are still shrouded in mystery for many people. If you would like to learn more about dental veneers, read on. This article will provide […]

Gum Abscess Vs. Tooth Abscess: How To Tell The Difference

All dental abscesses are caused by bacteria and lead to swelling, tenderness, inflammation, and pus in the mouth. However, the location of the bacteria can determine your pain level, treatment options, and severity. Knowing the difference between an abscess of the gums and of the teeth can help you determine what do to for home […]

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What Causes Brittle Teeth?

Teeth by nature are very hard and strong, allowing you to bite and chew a variety of different textured foods. While this is true, they can still be damaged, especially if they become brittle. When teeth are brittle, they are susceptible to cracking and falling out. You have to be very careful when you have […]