3 Questions About Having Multiple Teeth Extracted For Dentures

28 November 2018
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Has your dentist told you that you need multiple teeth extracted in order to get dentures? If so, you likely have concerns about what the procedure will be like. Here are 3 common questions that you will have about getting multiple teeth extracted at once.

Will The Extraction Procedure Be Painful?

Many dental patients fear the process of having a tooth extracted because of the potential pain that they will feel. However, when you have several teeth that need to come out at the same time for dentures, you'll likely receive sedation so that you are asleep throughout the entire process. This means that the procedure itself will not be painful, but you can expect discomfort when you wake up. You will be given a strong pain reliever to help you deal with that discomfort, which would help you deal with pain over those initial couple days.

How Soon Can You Receive Dentures After The Extraction?

You won't be able to immediately receive your new dentures after the extraction procedure is finished. You will receive a denture plate that is to be worn temporarily after the extraction procedure. The plate is designed to control and bleeding or swelling that you may experience, and reduce your chance of having dry socket.

You'll be given temporary dentures for the first couple months while the healing process takes place, then the dentist can create dentures that fit the new shape of your mouth. The permanent denture plate will then be created to make the final denture that will have a great fit.

Do Multiple Teeth Really Need To Be Extracted?

A dentist can let you know their official reasoning as to why each tooth needs to be removed. In situations where you have an infected tooth, that may be enough to justify its removal. In general, the teeth need to be removed when there is some sort of health risk to leave them in place.

However, know that it's possible that healthy teeth may be left alone in order to support your new dentures if the teeth are healthy. If you will not have any teeth, a dentist may suggest having some dental implants installed to support the dentures.

Still have questions about extracting multiple teeth for new dentures? Schedule a consultation with your dentist, since they can walk you through the dental extraction procedure and let you know of potential complications and benefits that you may experience.