Tooth Modification Via Your Dentist: Can It Be Done, Should You Do It, And Would Your Dentist...?

19 April 2018
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Perusing through the Guiness Book of World Records, you have probably seen some of the most bizarre body modifications ever. Some of those modifications involve teeth. Thinking about altering the appearance of your own teeth, you may wonder if your own dentist would be of assistance. You may also wonder if it can be done, should you even do it, and whether or not your dentist would even agree to such things. To help you prepare for both the expected and unexpected in tooth modification, here are some of the answers to your questions.

Yes, Your Dentist Can Modify the Shape of Your Teeth

A dentist has multiple grinding and shaping tools at his or her disposal. The tools exist for shaping teeth for crowns and for cosmetic purposes. So, the short answer here is yes, your dentist can modify the shape of your teeth. 

It Is NOT a Good Idea to Modify the Shape of Your Teeth

You only get one set of adult teeth for your entire life. These teeth are equipped to chew all kinds of food properly and aid in digestion of what you eat. If you modify their shape, you cannot properly bite or chew your food. That results in a lot of upper and lower GI issues and digestion problems.

Additionally, the dentin and enamel on your teeth would be eliminated in your attempt to create vampire teeth, lizard teeth, shark teeth, or whatever other odd shapes you want your teeth to be. Without the dentin and enamel, your teeth would rot out of your mouth very quickly. A cosmetic dentist may be able to create caps or crowns to fit your strangely-shaped teeth, but you would have to do quite the search to find that dentist. As such, your reshaped teeth would not last very long before you would end up with dentures or some other form of fake teeth to replace all of the ones you lost.

Would Your Dentist Do It?

Dentists definitely hear and entertain all kinds of strange patient requests, including removing all of someone's teeth just to wear dentures. However, the request you are making has serious implications to your mouth and body. That is not to say a dentist would not do it, but your dentist may refuse, and with plenty of good reasons. Of course, you could always ask him/her if he/she would be willing.

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