Have A Couple Of Ugly Teeth You Want To Fix? Implants Are The Best Option

1 December 2017
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If you have a tooth or two that are misshapen and a cosmetic dentist doesn't think they can fix the teeth filing, you want to be cautious about what corrective option you pick. If you want to have veneers put on, this would include altering the teeth that aren't misshapen or a problem. Instead, dental implants may be a better and more practical situation for your solution. Here are a few of the things to talk about with a dental implant specialist, before you make any type of decision or take action.

Veneers Destroy Other Teeth

The decision to put a set of veneers over the teeth that are misshapen means filing down and permanently altering the other teeth that are needed to support the veneers. If you don't want to damage the teeth that don't need any type of work, and alter those teeth so they can't be left uncovered in the future, implants will be a better solution. Only the teeth that need replaced are replaced with dental implants.

Implants are Permanent

Veneers will go on the teeth, but can shift, move, get damaged, and will need to be replaced throughout the years. You could end up replacing your veneers a handful of times in your lifetime. The implants will go into the gum tissue and be fused into the jaw bones where the existing teeth are held in by the roots, and the implant should last forever. This means a great investment and less worries.

Implants are Natural Looking

The dental implants are natural looking in the mouth. The implant professional will have a tooth fitted to fit into the space where it was, but to be a perfect shape, so you have a natural and healthy looking smile. You will want to have all your teeth whitened to match the implants that are put in.

If you have to make room for the teeth, the implant professional may suggest that you use an expander, braces, or another option to help move the teeth out, so you have room to put the new synthetic implants in the mouth, and so everything looks even and perfectly aligned. The implants are easy to brush, and you will floss, rinse and care for them just like you do the other teeth with your daily routine, the implants won't get cavities, and you don't have to go out of your way to do anything special. For more information, contact companies like Pinon Hills Dental.