2 Tooth Restoration Methods

28 June 2016
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Taking the time to visit the dentist every six months is crucial for your dental health. This will enable you to find any decay before it destroys a tooth. The key to avoiding a tooth extraction will depend on restoring the tooth back to health as quickly as possible. By knowing some of the various methods for restoring a decayed tooth, these can be helpful to you.

Method #1: Dental fillings

One of the most common methods for restoring a tooth is by filling it. This process will involve the dental professional diagnosing the extent of the decay.

There will be a surface level assigned to the decay from one to six. The higher the number, the more severe the cavity will be.

There is a variety of filling types that can be used to restore the tooth and these range from amalgam to porcelain. Your dentist will recommend the best type of filling for your individual situation.

The average cost of a dental filling is $50–150 for a one or two surface filling. If you have a tooth that is a three surface and up, this may cost $120–300.

Method #2: Dental crowns

Dealing with a tooth that is severely decayed can be a challenge, but it can be restored. The best way to fix a tooth that is above a surface level six is with a dental crown.

This typically requires two visits to the dentist and the first visit will allow the dentist to remove the decay and make an impression of the tooth. Once this process has been completed the impression will be sent to a dental lab for creating a crown.

Your last visit will require the dental professional to put the crown in place. There may be some adjustments that will be necessary to get the best possible fit to have an accurate bite.

The average cost of a dental crown will vary based on some factors. These will include the severity of the decay, the location of the tooth and the location of your dentist.

However, studies indicate you can expect to pay $500–1,500 for a crown.

Taking care of your dental needs is one of the best things you can do for good dental health. The long-term advantages of having teeth that will last a lifetime are many. Be sure to contact your dentist, one like Four Corners Dental Group, for any teeth restorations you may need.