Should You Have Your Tooth Gap Fixed?

24 March 2015
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Are you tired of looking in the mirror and noticing that big gap between your two front teeth? Maybe it makes you feel self-conscious, or perhaps your friends have commented on it and made you feel uncomfortable. There are some simple and easy ways to have your tooth gap fixed, if you decide that this is best for you. However, you should also consider leaving your tooth gap alone and learning to love it as a part of your own unique look.

Medical Effects of Tooth Gaps

Gaps between the front teeth don't usually have any negative effects on dental health. As long as your teeth are relatively straight, your dentist or orthodontist will probably tell you that fixing your tooth gap is optional, but not required. In fact, you're slightly less susceptible to cavities as someone with a tooth gap, since bacteria can't hide away between your front teeth and contribute to decay like they do in a person whose front teeth are right next to each other.

Embracing Your Tooth Gap

Once your dentist has confirmed that fixing your tooth gap is not necessary for medical reasons, it's time to consider whether you want to embrace your tooth gap, rather than change it. Tooth gaps are not nearly as stigmatized as a negative feature like they once were. Many celebrities, including Ana Paquin and Lara Stone, are known for the gaps between their front teeth. Their gaps are a vibrant part of their signature looks! When people comment on your tooth gap, consider responding with a statement like "I know, just like the celebrities. I'm so glad I inherited these cool teeth." By framing your tooth gap in a positive light, you'll get others to see it that way, too.

Fixing a Tooth Gap

If you decide you really, truly do hate your tooth gap, there are some ways to get it fixed without resorting to a mouth full of braces for years. Some dentists will prescribe special rubber bands that you can wrap around your front teeth to slowly close the gap over a period of months. There will be some discomfort, but it will be less than you experience with braces. If the teeth next to your front teeth are also out of alignment, your dentist may recommend clear invisible aligners to improve your smile. If you are interested in one of these solutions, then contact a dental office like Alegre Dental and Braces.

Fixing a tooth gap is not usually difficult, but it is worth your while to consider whether you truly want to go through the effort and discomfort of doing so before you dive into this procedure. If you don't want to mess with orthodontics, then learning to love your tooth gap and embrace it as a part of your signature look is a great solution. Many celebrities have done it, and so can you.